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Kate, a absolutely brilliant first experience with total barre tonight! Sign me up, every session. To anyone who may be "unsure" as I was, just give it a go it's fantastic. Here's to seeing results!!!!!

I've just done a fantastic Total Barre session with Kate, let's just say my quads and glutes are going to be feeling the effects any time soon :-/ loved it Kate, thank you. X

I was sceptical and I really didn't know what to expect.......but that was fantastic......I really enjoyed it......I could really feel the benefits of the movements......I'll be back for more.....

I went along to Totalbarre thinking that I was pretty strong and fit.  How wrong was I?! My legs shook like never before, my arms and upper body felt like they were on fire and the core work at the end was a real challenge.  But don't let this put you off - I had the best time ever!! Walked away feeling energised - and I've block booked myself in for more sessions :) 

I don't do reviews, but just wanted to say that the Zumba session on Sunday was absolutely fantastic.  Couldn't think of a better way to spend my Sunday morning ..... and will be spending my Sunday mornings from now on ...... I was buzzing when I left.  I was so energised after the Zumba.  I did the Pilates class for the first time .... What can I say .... I was shocked how poor my core strength was ..... but I had a fantastic workout and I can truly feel the benefits of both classes today.  Thanks Kate - see you next week for more of the same.

I have been going to Kate's classes for about two years now.  I first started to try and lose weight and get fit as I was soon going to be turning fifty. I bought the DVD's but needed more - Kate's classes were the solution.  I went on my own not knowing anyone, Kate was so friendly and approachable.  I felt like I had known her for ages, she inspired me to take it further.  I was hooked and I still go at least twice a week.  The classes are lots of fun and it doesn't seem like you are exercising.  Kate makes it easy to follow and makes sure that we know we can work at our own level.  Come and try Zumba - its very addictive and Kate's classes are always enjoyable with lots of variety of music and dance routines.  You don't have to be super fit or a trained dancer, come and have a go - I promise you won't be disappointed.  We have become great friends and that's also what Zumba is all about - meeting new people and new friends.

Pilates - Justine
I've been attending Kate's Pilates classes twice a week for three years now after a good friends recommendation.  I had badly injured my back which had left me both stiff and in pain.  Sitting at work had become so painful at times that I had to resort to using strong painkillers, which at 40 was far from ideal.  Within less than a month I was able to stop taking any painkillers and felt much more flexible.  Kate's classes are safe, very well instructed and fun.  I would highly recommend them to anyone regardless of age or ability - Kate caters for all.

I have been going to Kate's classes for around two years.  When I first went I had lower back pain and virtually no flexibility.  I went twice a week and within a couple of months I had started to notice I was gaining more flexibility.  I began to feel stronger and started to really notice a change in my body shape within around six months.  Two years on I can touch my toes (I hadn't been able to do this since I was a child!!), my posture is greatly improved, my core muscles are stronger and my stomach is flatter.  Pilates does everything it says on the tin and more.  If you haven't tried it, give it a go - Kate is a fantastic instructor who explains everything fully and constantly throughout the class so you always know what you should be doing and what you should be feeling.

Thank you for a fantastic workout, your energy is amazing and I have to say infectious.  

Just back from my first ever Pilates class and have to say i thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to think that I keep myself fairly fit, but this was something completely different to what I am used to and am already looking forward to my next session!! I was a little nervous before attending but Kate was superb in putting my mind at ease immediately, discussing what I wanted from the session etc, not only this but being a complete novice I was pleased that Kate helped me through a couple of moves that I was struggling with and within no time at all I was relaxed and enjoying the session. Would I recommend.....100% yes, and this was emphasized by how many people attended! Thanks again ;-)