KATES CORE FITNESS - Company Message

The beauty about Pilates is that anybody can do it.  It is all about working and increasing core strength which will in turn help improve weaknesses in the lower back and create a stronger and better posture.  As well as building strength, Pilates also increases flexibility.  Flexibility can decrease as we get older, as can core strength purely down to every day life.  If you are sat at a desk all day, or have job that uses repetitive movements, chances are your posture will have suffered.  During my classes I offer plenty of alternatives, ranging from basic to more advanced moves.  It is essential that you only work to the level that you are comfortable with.  Pilates isn't a competition, it isn't about who can do the most advanced version of an exercise - its about who can perform it the most safely and effectively.

If you are a complete beginner, or if you have an injury or an illness and you have been told to try Pilates but think you may struggle in a class situation straight away, you may want to consider some private tuition or small group training to grasp the concepts of Pilates first.  Please contact me and I will advise you of availability and prices. I do have some mats that I bring with me to my classes, but please feel free to bring your own as numbers can sometimes be limited.    


Total Barre™, Barre Basics

Sculpt lean and toned muscles with this energizing and dynamic group class designed to challenge and change your body— no dance experience or tutus required! Total Barre efficiently blends Pilates with dance, cardio and strength-training specifically challenging arms, legs and core to strengthen and lengthen the body. Powered by energizing, heart-pumping music that makes you need to move, this class uses choreographed movement patterns with the support of a ballet barre to take you through a flow of high-powered sequences that will keep you energized and motivated.

Zumba Fitness 

Zumba is for anybody.  You can work as hard or as easy as you like, alternatives are always given.  Don't worry if you have no co ordination, come and give it a try.  It's all about having fun! I incorporate several dance rhythms from around the world such as salsa, reggaeton, samba, bhangra - to name but a few!!  All you need to bring with you is a smile :)

***IMPORTANT*** -  As with any of my classes if you are unsure if you are able to exercise due to an injury or illness you may have, please consult your GP prior to coming.  If your GP confirms you are physically fit to exercise, please ensure that you talk to me prior to the class starting so I am aware of any problems you may have.  I ask that you fill out a health and safety form (PAR Q) before doing any of my classes - you can either fill one out on the day or print if off from the list on the left hand side of the screen and bring it with you.