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Added 17 August 2018

I’ve managed to catch most of you this week I think but if not please be aware that next weeks classes have all been CANCELLED as I have had to swap my weeks around for my holiday .. I will now be working the week after from Tuesday 28th August (as Monday is a bank holiday) instead and will continue as normal up to (dare I say it) Christmas ..!! Thanks for your support as always, Kate x

Added 6 August 2018

Classes are all on as usual next week with the exception of my cardio and tone class at Warley Baptist on Tuesday 7th August .. It’s my birthday on that day and much as I love you all I’m going to take the day off ..! Everything else will then continue as normal up until the last week of August when I will be on holiday for a week (week commencing 27th) .. Thanks as always for your continued support :)

Added 30th May 2018

Please be aware that 9.30am Barre class tomorrow won’t be on - had a few cancellations with it being half term so it’s not financially viable to keep it on tomorrow .. Pilates however is on as normal at 10.30am. Everything back to normal next week :)

Added 31st March 2018

And breathe .....!! All classes are now off until Monday 9th April as I go away to Lanzarote for a week  Great to see so many of you at class this week - busy burning the calories prior to the chocolate eggs I reckon?? Enjoy, indulge and I’ll catch you all when I’m back. Have a great Easter you lovely people xxx

Added 21th March 2018

Don’t forget classes at Lapal Primary are both CANCELLED tonight due to their school production ...

Added 18th March 2018

Unfortunately classes at Lapal Primary School on Wednesday evening this week have had to be CANCELLED. The school is using the main hall for their production and I haven't been able to find anywhere locally to run the classes elsewhere instead .. Everything else is on as normal though so if you need your fix of barre or Pilates it's on tomorrow night at Lightwoods Primary School 6.30pm and 7.30pm ..

Added 20th February 2018

Just a reminder that classes this evening are both on as normal at Lightwoods .. Everything else on for the rest of the week apart from the Tuesday night Pilates at Warley Baptist. I've chosen to cancel this class for now as its been hard for me physically doing three classes back to back. It may start up again in the future but for now it's cancelled .. Thank you for your support as always.

Added 13th February 2018

Hi girls, I've just got back from the doctors and she's confirmed I have a chest infection and inflammation of my airways and under no circumstances to do any cardio classes at least this week .. Sorry to do this again to you but I'm going to have to cancel tonight's cardio and Pilates classes  Realistically I know I won't get better if I keep pushing myself - I have antibiotics now so at least I can start to get better ... Classes tomorrow and Thursday will be on as normal ..

Added 25th January 2018

Sorry everyone, my Pilates class is cancelled this morning .. I overdid it yesterday and my body is telling me that I need to rest .. Going to take it easy for the rest of the week and will be back as normal next week. Sorry for any inconvenience ..

Added 22nd January 2018

Ladies I'm so sorry but I'm not up to teaching tonight .. Can't stop coughing and feeling generally rubbish with dizzy spells - I've left it till now to see but I'm really not up to it. I think it's safe to say if I can't do tonight I will be unable to teach any kind of cardio so therefore tomorrow's classes will be cancelled too.
All being well classes will be back on Wednesday evening at Lapal. Thank you for your understanding x

Added 21st January 2018

Pilates at Hypa dance studio tomorrow morning has been CANCELLED I'm afraid .. Still feeling poorly and need another day of rest .. I will see how I feel and will update you all regarding tomorrow nights classes. Will update on here and on my website. All being well another day on the settee might sort me out - fingers crossed!!

Added 16th January 2018

Please be aware that I have had to cancel tonight's first session (cardio and tone) 6.30pm at Warley baptist church as I'm really not well enough to be jumping around .. Typing this from under my duvet on the settee .! 
The first beginners Pilates session starts this evening and as I have no idea who may be turning up I am keeping that session on .. 
So for tonight only 
Cardio and tone - CANCELLED
Beginners Pilates 7.35pm - 8.35pm

Everything back to normal next Tuesday. Apologies again, I hate to let you down x

Added 6th January 2018

Feel like I've been eased back in gently after only a couple of classes last week ... As of Monday everything is back to normal and my timetable looks like this ...

Lightwoods Primary School
Castle Road East, Oldbury, B68 9BG
Monday 6.30– 7.30 Totalbarre
Monday 7.30 – 8.30 Pilates

Warley Baptist Church,
Castle Road East, Oldbury, B68 9BJ
Tuesday 6.30pm – 7.25pm Cardio & Tone
Tuesday 7.35pm -8.35pm Gentle Pilates (Starts 16th January)

Lapal Primary School, Priory Road,
Lapal, Halesowen, B62 0BZ
Wednesday 6.30 -7.25 Totalbarre 
Wednesday 7.30 – 8.30 Pilates

Hypa Dance Studio,
Little Cornbow, Halesowen,B63 3AJ
Monday 11am–12pm Pilates 
Thursday 10.30am – 11.30am Pilates

As you can see there have been a couple of small changes .. There is a new Gentle Pilates class starting on the 16th January which is more suitable for beginners or those that want to keep it a little easier. Thats not to say that the other classes will be at an advanced level - these class will just be more suitable if you have been coming for a while and have more experience. Cardio & Tone class on a Tuesday will now be a 55 minute class to enable the transition of the two classes. Don't worry about losing those 5 minutes - I will make you work extra hard to compensate for that!!

Prices remain the same

Cardio & Tone £4
Pilates £5
Totalbarre £6

Added 16 December 2017

Due to the bad weather last week and missing some classes there have been some changes to the timetable for the last week before Christmas. Here is the timetable for week commencing 18th December ...

Totalbarre 6.30
Candlelit Pilates 7.30

Tuesday 19th at Warley Baptist Church
Christmas Party Cardio and Tone 6.45

Wednesday 20th at Lapal Primary School
Totalbarre 6.30
Candlelit Pilates 7.30

Please note that Mondays morning class at Hypa Dance studio IS NOT ON due to low numbers. Classes will start back on Wednesday 3rd January 2018 ...

Added 12 December 2017

Sorry everyone, .. Had a call to say that all groups cancelled today at Warley Baptist church :( As tonight was going to be our Christmas session we could possibly do this next week instead .. Can you give me your feedback as to whether or not you would be able to make next week (19th) instead for our party session?!

Added 10 December 2017

I have been informed that Lightwoods school is closed tommorow so unfortunately both evening classes are cancelled. Pilates at hypa dance studio tommorow morning is also cancelled .. Fingers crossed for the rest of the week!! ..

Added 24 October 2017

Please be aware that tonight's class at Warley Baptist has been CANCELLED .. With it being a quiet class plus it being half term I've taken the decision to cancel. Everything else is on AS NORMAL this week including Totalbarre on Thursday for those of you that have asked ..

Added 25 September 2017

Sorry all I couldn't find cover for Thursday morning Pilates at Hypa so unfortunately I have had to cancel ..

Don't forget though that everything else is on as normal ..

6.30 Legs bums tums 
7.30 Pilates
with Lindsey at Lightwoods

6.30 Zumba 
With Sharon at Warley Baptist Church

6.30 Legs bums tums
7.30 Pilates
With Lindsey at Lapal

See you all next week xx

Added 23 September 2017

Right ... VERY impromptu holiday booked less than 12 hours ago and I'm on my way to the airport now ..!! However I have managed to sort you lovely people out next week whilst I'm away ..

6.30 Legs bums and tums
7.30 Pilates 
Both with Lindsey

6.30 Zumba
With my Zumba buddy Sharon

6.30 Legs bums and tums
7.30 Pilates
Both with Lindsey

Both Sharon and Lindsey are fully qualified and professional instructors that I promise will give you a great workout. Unfortunately MONDAY PILATES at Hypa has to be cancelled. I have tried and tried to get it covered but no one is available. I am awaiting confirmation for my Thursday class and I will know on Monday so please keep a look out on here and/or my website and it will be updated accordingly.
Phew ....! Time to chill!!! See you a week Monday .....

Added 13 September 2017
Hi all, I checked the other room that was offered for barre in the morning and I don't think its going to work as the room is unsuitable.. Bear with me as I will try and rearrange the class whether it be a new time or venue. Sorry for any inconvenience, its out of my hands I'm afraid. 

Added 10 September 2017

Please be aware that Pilates at Hypa Dance Studio tomorrow morning (Monday 11th) is CANCELLED.  There has been a double room booking which has affected both Monday Pilates and Thursday morning Barre - Pilates on a Thursday morning remains unaffected.  We are working at trying to find an alternative room but unable to sort anything out for tomorrow morning ..  I will update on here and my Facebook page so please keep looking or give me a call on 07751 385237 .. Sorry for any inconvenience.  Kate 

Added 1 September 2017

Hope you're all having a nice summer break. Classes will recommence on Monday 4th September at Lightwoods Primary School, at 6:30pm. Please note there is NO class at Hypa Dance Studio on Monday morning (4th Sept). See you at class soon :)

Added 23 August 2017

Last class of the week tomorrow at Hypa Dance Studio will be Pilates at 10:30am .. Please be aware there is no barre at 10:30am ..

Added 27 July 2017

No barre this morning ladies but Pilates is on still on AS NORMAL at Hypa Dance Studio at 10.30 ..

Added 25th July 2017

Currently sat in stationary traffic outside Sandwell hospital after my Pilates session - there has been an accident on the motorway and I'm not going anywhere .. So sorry
but I will have to cancel the session tonight as I'm not going anywhere anytime soon ...

Added 12th July 2017

Had an e mail through last night to tell me that I can't have Lapal Primary school hall tonight as its the school production .. I'm sorry for the short notice but hope you can appreciate that its out of my hands.  Everything is on as normal next week.  If you know anyone else that this may affect can you please let them know. Apologies once again, Kate 

Added 30th May 2017

Don't forget because I am away on holiday this week there will no classes at any of my venues ... Everything back as normal as of Monday 5th June when my timetable will look like this ..

11am-12pm Pilates Hypa Dance Studio
6.30-7.30 Barre Lightwoods Primary
7.30-8.30 Pilates Lightwoods Primary

6.30-7.30 20/20/20 **new class consisting of 20 minutes cardio, 20 minutes strength and 20 minutes abs and stretch/flexibility 
Warley Baptist Church

6.30-7.30 Barre Lapal Primary School
7.30-8.30 Pilates Lapal Primary SchoolThursday 
9.30-10.30 Barre Hypa Dance Studio
10.30-11.30 Pilates Hypa Dance Studio

Prices are all pay as you go -
Cardio £4
Pilates £5
Barre £6

Hope you all have a lovely Whitsun week .. I'm enjoying my break so far - resting up so I'm ready to get you in shape for your summer holidays!! See you at class soonKate

Added 12th April 2017


As of Monday 24th April there will be a new Pilates class on my timetable.  It will be at 11am - 12pm at Hypa Dance Studio.  As with my other classes it will be a mixed ability session so is suitable for anyone and everyone :) Please pass the word on to anyone who you may think will be interested ..

Added 12th December 2016

Ladies I am very sorry but I have had to cancel this evenings classes at Lightwoods because Nicky is too poorly to open up and there is no one else that can do it for her .. As you know its my exam on Wednesday evening and Lapals classes have been cancelled too so its not the best but unfortunately out of my control ... Tomorrows Zumba is still on and what I will do is put a Pilates class on at 7.30pm after Zumba to make up for tonights lost session.  Ii will update Christmas timetable later on today so keep a look out for next weeks classes.  Sorry for any inconvenience ...

Added 18th November 2016

Starting next Tuesday 22nd November at 7.30pm I will be running a 4 week trial class. There will be Pilates and Yoga elements combined with gentle stretching and a complete relaxation to focus and calm the mind. You don't need to book, you can just turn up. Please wear loose comfortable clothing. If you have your own mat and or yoga block (a rolled up towel is just as good) you can bring it with you. You may also want to bring a throw/blanket with you to keep you cosy during the relaxation but not essential!! Venue is Warley Baptist Church, £5 per session. Zumba is still on at 6.30pm .. Any questions please ask. Have a great weekend :) x

Added 3rd November 2016

Can I please have your thoughts!! I am thinking of switching the class on a Tuesday to 6.30pm so I can add a yoga/yogalates/stretch type class afterwards. I will be changing and updating my timetable in the New Year but just for the next few weeks I would like to know if :-

1. Is 6.30pm a good time for Zumba?
2. Would we want a bit of a change and have some good old fashioned aerobics and toning instead?!
3. If you are interested in a second class on a Tuesday, what would you like - yoga, pilates, fusion of both or a complete stretch/relaxation class?

Please send an e mail to [email protected] with your thoughts or give me a call/send me a text on 07751 385237.
I will also have next week paper copies or I can e mail you some questionnaires to complete. I want to update my timetable and add some new classes and maybe take some away. I need you all to be brutally honest in what you want and when you can do it ;) Without you all my business simply wouldn't work so I want to make sure I'm giving you all what you want. Look out for questionnaires in class but if you want me to send them electronically to you please add your e mail address below or send to [email protected] and I'll send it across.

Thanks everyone, look forward to hearing your comments.

Added 25th October 2016


Hi everyone, I've just got back from my osteopath appointment and he as told me under no circumstances do any Zumba today and to give my spine a complete rest following my treatment today. Backs been in a bad way the last few weeks so going to do as I'm told but unfortunately that means I'm going to have to CANCEL tonight's class. I've got hold of as many people as I can but if you have numbers of anyone you think might have been coming tonight can you please let them know? Many thanks, sorry for the short notice but I need to look after myself tonight. Everything else will be on as normal this wee. Thanks for your continued support, Kate xx

Added 25th September 2016

Just a reminder that classes this Wednesday 28th September have had to be CANCELLED due to a meeting in the school hall at Lapal. Apologies but its out of my hands I'm afraid :( All other classes are on as normal this week so please feel free to turn up at any of my other sessions :)

Added 14th September 2016

I've been asked this week about what is happening with the Sunday class. At the moment unfortunately there are no plans to re instate it .. I have worked a Saturday or Sunday now for many years and to be honest I've loved having my weekends back .. !! That plus if you came to class you'll know that sometimes there were low numbers and therefore not financially viable. I have my yoga assessment this weekend and after that I'm going to take some time to re consider my timetable with the view of putting extra classes/new classes/extra days. I am looking forward to bringing you all something new with my yoga, maybe even a pilates/yoga fusion class too .. Any questions or even suggestions please shout up, without your continued support I wouldn't be able to do the job that I absolutely love :)

Added 10th August 2016

Classes for the next couple of weeks are as follows :-

Mon 15th August 
9.30am Pilates at Hagley Golf Club
6.30pm Total barre 7.30pm Pilates at WARLEY BAPTIST CHURCH (not Lightwoods)

Tues 16th August 
7pm Zumba at Warley Baptist Church

Wed 17th August 
10am - 10.45am Zumba at Shenley Lane (cover for Sharon - message me for further details)
6.30pm Totalbarre 7.30pm Pilates Lapal Primary School

Thurs 18th August
9.30am Totalbarre 10.30am Pilates at Hypa Dance Studio

Fri 19th August
6.30pm - 7.30pm Zumba at Ladywood Community Centre (cover for Sharon - message me for further details)

Mon 22nd August
9.30am Pilates at Hagley Golf Club
6.30pm Total barre 7.30pm Pilates at WARLEY BAPTIST CHURCH (not Lightwoods)

Tues 23rd August 
7pm Zumba at Warley Baptist Church

Wed 24th August 
6.30pm Totalbarre 7.30pm Pilates Lapal Primary School

Thurs 25th August
9.30am Totalbarre 10.30am Pilates at Hypa Dance Studio

I will then be having the bank holiday week off so there will be NO CLASSES all of the week commencing 29th August.

We then return on Monday 5th September back at Warley Baptist Church as Lightwoods doesn't re open until the following week.

Hope you are all well and enjoying your summer so far, see you at class soon :)

Added 27th May 2016

Just a reminder that Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday classes won't be on but I will be returning ready and raring to go after a long weekend of chilling out and rest ..! Everything as normal from Tuesday 31st May - even though its half term all classes will be on. Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend all :)

Added 16th May 2016


If you were attending this evenings classes at Lightwoods Primary School, please be aware that they have had to be cancelled. Due to unforseen circumstances Nicky is not able to be there to open and close the school. I have tried other venues in the area but unfortunately with other groups, classes etc there is nowhere free for me to teach ... I am so sorry to let you down. All other classes this week on AS NORMAL.

Added 7th March 2016 - CHANGE OF SCHEDULE

As you may be aware I will be away for two weeks as of next Monday 14th March. I’ve done my absolute best to keep classes on and covered although they may differ from my timetable as there is no one else out there that teaches Totalbarre in the area ..!! See below for a list of classes and please be aware that Classes will then be closed over Easter and I will be back teaching from Wednesday 30th March as usual. Thanks, Kate xx

Sun 13th March
10am Totalbarre with me (get your fix before I go away!!)
11am Pilates with me

Mon 14th March
6.30pm Legs Bums Tums with Jackie
7.30pm Pilates with Lindsey

Tues 15th March
7pm Zumba with Julie/Deb

Wed 16th March
6.30pm Half Zumba Half Toning with Julie
7.30pm Pilates with Lindsey

Thurs 17th March
NO CLASSES (unable to find cover)

Sun 20th
10am NO CLASS (unable to find cover)
11am Pilates with Sarah

Mon 21st March
6.30pm Legs Bums Tums with Jackie
7.30pm Pilates with Lindsey

Tues 22nd March
7pm Zumba with Julie/Deb

Wed 23rd March
NO CLASSES (hall closed due to school production)

Thurs 17th March
NO CLASSES (unable to find cover)

Monthly members all classes are included and for those that pay as you go other than the Tuesday night Zumba classes will be £5. You can of course still use your loyalty cards if you have one.

Added 4th January 2016

Now THIS is what makes my job so worthwhile!! I won't name names but I'm so proud of this lady :) She was brave enough to take some 'before and after' photos and has very kindly let me share her results with you all. She is a Totalbarre addict (!) and that along with Zumba has as you can see transformed her shape. Ladies, this is what you can achieve if you are prepared to put the effort it. I've heard all the excuses but let me tell you its never too late, your never too old, your never not fit enough and you DO have the time!! Healthy eating and regular exercise is the key. If your thinking about getting fit and healthy in 2016 think no more .. I start back tomorrow night with Zumba at Warley Baptist Church 7pm. See you at class soon .. :)

Added 9th December 2015

Christmas Timetable
Monday 7 December - Lightwoods 6.30 Barre 7.30 Pilates
Tuesday 8 December - Warley Baptist Church 7.00 – 8.00 Zumba
Wednesday 9 December – Lapal 6.30 Barre 7.30 Pilates
Thursday 10 December – Hypa Dance Studio 9.30 Barre 10.30 Pilates
Sunday 13 December – NO CLASSES
Monday 14 December - Lightwoods 6.30 Barre 7.30 Pilates
Tuesday 15 December - Warley Baptist Church 7.00 – 8.00 Zumba
Wednesday 16 December – Lapal 6.30 Barre 7.30 Pilates
Thursday 17 December – Hypa Dance Studio 9.30 Barre 10.30 Pilates
Sunday 20 December – NO CLASSES
Monday 21 December Warley Baptist Church 6.30 barre 7.30 Pilates
Classes will then recommence on Tuesday 5 January 2016
I have decided NOT to increase prices in January although classes can only be paid for in the following ways as of 5 January ..

Pay as you go, 10 class passes or monthly £35 cash/standing order.

Added 6th December 2015

Ladies I'm really sorry but cancelling Pilates this morning (Sunday 6th). Only had two ladies turn up for barre plus I feel absolutely dreadful with a horrible cough and cold. Going to go back home in the warm .. I think I can safely say Sunday's will be off till after Christmas - understandably people just don't seem to come this close to Xmas, nights out and Christmas shopping etc. All other classes will be on as normal xx

Added 9th November 2015

Please be aware that until further notice my Monday morning classes are cancelled .. Unfortunately the numbers haven't been high enough to keep them on. Thathd said, I might try again in the New Year so please do let me know if you would be interested in attending them then.  All other classes are doing well and so will be carrying on as normal - maybe its just a Monday morning thing!! Thanks for your continued support :)

Added 25th October 2015 

All classes are on AS NORMAL during the half term except for next SUNDAY 1st NOVEMBER which has been cancelled. If you usually come to my morning classes but you don't have anyone to watch the kids, as long as they will sit and keep themselves entertained feel free to bring them along. There is a seating area right next to the dance floor at Hypa so you can easily keep an eye on them .. If they are a little bit older they may even want to join in with Zumba tomorrow morning? ...

Added 25th September 2015 

New daytime classes start on Monday 5th October - Zumba 9.30am followed by Pilates at 10.30am.  Mondays and Thursdays sessions both now at Hypa Dance Studio, Little Cornbow, Halesowen right next to the Zion Church.  Fabulous venue, lots of space - come along and give it a try :)  

Added 23rd September 2015

Don't forget I'm off to Malta (yay!!) in the morning so unless your coming to Lapal tonight there will be no more classes until Monday 28th September. Just to confirm that as of the 5th October I will be offering Monday morning sessions at Hypa Dance Studio. Zumba 9.30am followed by Pilates at 10.30am ..

Added 9th September 2015

Don't forget that Thursday classes are now going to be held at the Hypa Dance Studio next to the Zion Church in Halesowen.  Classes and times still the same, Totalbarre 9.30am and Pilates 10.30am ...

Added 1st August 2015

I think I've managed to contact just about all of you in class but just in case you've forgotten be aware that there are NO CLASSES on SUNDAYS in AUGUST ONLY. I am going on holiday tomorrow for a week so next week apart from Zumba on Tuesday 5th August (which Julie Lennon has kindly offered to cover) there are no classes on next week. I am back teaching as of Monday 10th August. Message me or comment if you have any further questions but other than that I'll see you on the 10th for Totalbarre 6.30pm and Pilates 7.30pm at Warley Baptist Church (as Lightwoods has now closed for the summer) .. Kate:)

Added 29th January 2015


Added 15th January 2015

Seems that everybody wants to have a go at Totalbarre :)  I'm so pleased with how the classes have gone this week and hope that you are all feeling the benefits already!!  Can you please ensure that if you want to come to the class, advance booking is essential as there are a limited number of places on the barres.  I have purchased an parallel extender for the one barre so I will have a couple more spaces available plus you will have more room :)  Its a workout like no other and its the ONLY class of its kind in the area.  Remember, the best time to start thinking about your summer body is RIGHT NOW.  And Totalbarre is the way forward for a more toned and sculpted body :)  Put the effort in now and reap the rewards ...

12th January 2015

If you came yesterday to the free barre taster sessions I would like you say a big thank you for making it such a success :)  Due to overwhelming demand I WILL be keeping Sundays on for the forseeable future and the 10am class will be a Totalbarre class followed by Pilates at 11am.

Also, please note the change to the timetable with regard to the Cornbow Hall classes on a Thursday morning.  Due to my newspaper advert not being in the paper (!) and posters not being displayed I am having to delay the start of this class to a week on Thursday so will now be starting on 22nd January and not the 15th as originally advertised.  Again with the success so far with Totalbarre I will be teaching this at 9.30am followed by Pilates at 10.30am.

As before, if you want to do Totalbarre, please ensure that you contact me to book in because places are limited due to the nature of the class.  You can e mail me on [email protected] or call or text me on 07751 385237.  You can also message me on Facebook on Kates Core Fitness.

I look forward to seeing you soon :)

Added 6th January 2015

I have now introduced my NEW TIMETABLE for the New Year (week commencing 12th January) There are some changes, noticeably I have stopped Sunday morning classes due to low demand but introduced Totalbarre and more classes on a Thursday morning to compensate this. My revised timetable can be found on my website www.katescorefitness.co.uk and I will also be handing it out at my classes.

You can pay as you go, buy class passes (details on website) or consider membership if you are attending more than one class a week. If you want to continue to be or are interested in being a member you can join one of the following options (paid by standing order or cash/cheque at the start of the month) :-

Silver - Zumba/Pilates only £30 per month
Gold - Zumba/Pilates/Barre £35 per month

Please note that classes THIS WEEK will be CONTINUING AS NORMAL - the new timetable doesn't start until ***12th JANUARY***  So for this week timetable is as follows ..

Tuesday Zumba Warley Baptist 7pm
Wednesday Zumba Lapal Primary 6.30pm Pilates 7.30pm
Thursday Pilates St Hildas 10.30am 
Sunday Lapal Primary **FREE BARRE SESSION** subject to availability 10am followed by Pilates 11am

If you would like to take advantage of the FREE BARRE CLASS (so I can practice on you and to let you know what its all about ..!) please comment below or give me a call/text so I can book you in because there is limited space ..I am taking bookings for all barre classes from now, as I said there is a limited number per class so to avoid disappointment let me know as soon as possible which session you would like to attend and I will confirm your booking. Either on here, or you can call or text on 07751 385237.

Phew ...!! Lot to take in there I know .. Hope to see you at Zumba later - lets get ready to shed the excess pounds gained over Christmas!!!! :)))))))

Added 31st December 2014

Coming soon ......

So tomorrow is the start of a brand new year ...  Exciting times ahead as I am launching TotalBarre week commencing 12th January and I can't wait to share this brand new way of exercising with you all. I've been learning the choreography over the holidays and I promise you that you are in for a treat ... I will be updating this page and my website with details of classes as soon as they have been confirmed .. I start back on Tuesday 6th January when FOR THAT WEEK the timetable will be as follows :-
Tuesday 6th January - Warley Baptist Church Zumba 7pmWednesday 7th January - Lapal Primary School Zumba 6.30pm followed by Pilates 7.30pmThursday 8th January - St Hildas Church Hall Pilates 10.30amSunday 11th January - Lapal Primary School Zumba 10am followed by Pilates 11amMy revised timetable will then commence week commencing 12th January when TotalBarre classes will be added ...Enjoy your evening whatever your up to - I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year and look forward to exercising with you in 2015 

Added 22nd October 2014

For info, I am teaching both classes at Lapal this evening and Pilates at St Hilda's tomorrow. I am then away from Sunday 26th October to Sunday 2nd November. Classes over half term will be as follows :-

Sunday 26th October - Zumba with Debbie, Pilates with Lyndsey
Monday 27th October -
Tuesday 28th October - Zumba with Julie 
Wed 29th October - Zumba with Sharon, Pilates with Lyndsey
Thursday 30th October -
Sunday 2nd November -
I will be back
as of Monday 3rd November

Added 14th September 2014

Sorry everybody but I've had an e mail from Lapal Primary to tell me that I can't use the hall this Wednesday coming (17th September) due to issues with the key holder not being able to lock up. I can only apologize for the short notice, completely out of my hands I'm afraid  I've been told this is a one off and will not happen again. All my other classes are on AS NORMAL though so please feel free to pop along to any of those - message or call me if you want any further information. Sorry once again .. Kate

Added 17th August 2014

Important Update ..
Just to let you know that all my classes are continuing AS NORMAL until Wednesday 20th August. There will then be NO CLASSES until the following Tuesday 26th August due to the bank holiday weekend. My timetable will then stay the same except that there will NO LONGER be a Pilates class at 6pm on a Tuesday evening (as of 26th) This class has never really taken off - have tried different options of changing the class/changing the time but I'm now admitting defeat with this one ...! I will still definitely be introducing Barre Classes but just to throw a spanner in the works I'm having to have an operation on my leg at the end of September. This is going to affect the classes I can and can't teach with the recovery time required and for this reason I'm having delay the launch of Total Barre :( I will be issuing letters to all my clients and obviously keep you posted on here about what will happen during October - Pilates not a problem but I won't be allowed to teach Zumba so will be relying on fellow Zumba Instructors availability to keep my classes on. Monthly Members - I will be in touch with each and every one of you to see what options will be best for you. So in a nutshell other than the bank holiday weekend everything will be as normal until the end of September, there may be a reduction in classes in October but then from November its all guns blazing with the timetable going back to normal with extra sessions to include the launch of Total Barre to get you ready for (dare I say it ..) Christmas... :)

Added 26th March 2014

I have been informed that I am unable to have the school hall on Wednesday 19th March and so unfortunately I am going to have to cancel on that date :( This is due to a meeting that had been pre booked last year and the school need to hold it in the hall. Check my timetable to find out about all the other classes you will be able to attend instead that week. Sorry for any inconvenience caused but its out of my hands I'm afraid.

Also, if you are interested in joining the monthly payment scheme please be aware that for MARCH ONLY you can join for £20 per month.  If you join after March the monthly payment will be £25.

Added 2nd March 2014

***WEDNESDAY NIGHTS**** Been thinking about what's going to work best at Lapal Primary. It turns out that because of the echoing the sound system is better suited to Zumba music than the repetitive beat of aerobics music. Therefore due to the the popularity of Zumba and until the sound insulation is installed at Easter, Wednesday nights will be Zumba with some toning instead of aerobics 6.30-7.30 followed by Pilates as usual.

****TUESDAY NIGHTS***** My toning class isn't turning out to be as popular as I hoped it would be, it's a really good class and a fantastic work out but without more people coming it's not going to be viable for me to continue it as it is. I will be reviewing this over the next couple of weeks-if numbers pick up there is no reason why the class can't stay the same although if not I will be looking to change 6pm-7pm to Pilates instead. Zumba 7pm-8pm will stay the same 

Added 27th February 2014

** So my bank is still messing me about with my business account .... We wont have time now to set up standing orders for March for the £20 payment so can I suggest that if you would like to join you pay me with cash/cheque next time you see me - (will be March next time I teach!!) and set up the standing order to commence in April? I will print some membership cards all ready for next week. There are no ties, you can cancel or change your payment options whenever you want to, just means that for the absolute BARGAIN of £20 per month you can come and do ANY of my classes WHENEVER you like :)

Added 24th February 2014
** For the attention of those interested in paying a monthly fee, the special rate of £20 per month to attend any classes on my timetable will commence as of 1st March. I can't guarantee the rate will stay at £20 although if you 'join' in March your payment will remain the same. You will need to set up a standing order (hopefully after two weeks of waiting, my business account will be open this week!!) for payment to be taken each month. Let me know when I see you or message me for further details if you are interested. You can still pay as you go or buy a 10 block class pass and get one session free if you prefer :) **

Remember I also offer a personal training service in Pilates - if your not sure if you are ready to join one of my classes why not have a couple of sessions first.  You can also split the cost with a friend or two and have a small group session (maximum four people per session please) Please contact me for prices and availability.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for new classes or venues, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I am always open to ideas!!!